Historian - Professor - Digital Scholar

Christian Henriot is a historian of modern China at Aix-Marseille University. His research interests focus on social history, especially urban history (Shanghai) and the history of elites in China. Over the last two decades, he has also created a number of digital platforms for historical research to lay the foundations of digital Chinese studies.


Knowledge, Power, and Networks. Elites in Transition in Modern China
鐮刀與城市: 以上海為例的死亡社會史研究
Scythe and the city
1927-1937 年的上海 – 市政權 , 地⽅性和現代化
Prostitution in Shanghai
Belles de Shanghai
Le Shanghai des années 30
La réforme des entreprises en Chine
Shanghai 1927-1937
Shanghai 1927-1937. Elites locales et modernisation en Chine nationaliste
In the Shadow of the Rising Sun
Visualising China, 1845-196
Images in History
New Frontiers: Imperialism’s new communities in East Asia
Les métropoles chinoises au XXe siècle
Shanghai dans les années 1980
La femme en Asie Orientale
The population of Shanghai
Shanghai. Scènes de la vie chinoise
Atlas de Shanghai
Cities in the Pacific Rim

Articles in academic journals and book chapters

X-Boorman. The Biographical Dictionary of Republican China in the Digital Age
Essai de prosopographie des élites shanghaiennes à l’époque républicaine, 1911- 1949
Municipal Power and Local Elites
La rupture GMD-PCC en 1927: suicide ou assassinat ?
Les études républicaines [chinoises] en R.F.A
L’ouverture de la Chine: une perspective historique
Prostitution et “police des moeurs” à Shanghai aux XIX e -XX e siècles
Municipal Reform in Guomindang China (1927-1937): A First Appraisal
L’échec de la seconde modernisation, 1911-1949
La Région économique de Shanghai. Un état des lieux
‘Einsame Insel’. Shanghai unter Japanischer Herrschaft, 1937-1945
Réforme économique et décentralisation en Chine populaire: le cas de la région économique de Shanghai
Medicine, V.D., and Prostitution in Pre-Revolutionary China
Fiscal Modernization and Popular Protest: A Study of Tax Reform and Tax Resistance in Nationalist Shanghai, 1927-1937
The Evolution of Municipal Institutions in Nationalist China, 1927-1937
Villes et société urbaine en Chine aux XIXe-XXe siècle
Storia urbana e storia della città in Cina, XIX-XX secolo
La réforme de l’emploi dans les entreprises industrielles de Shanghai
Chinese courtesans in late Qing and Early republican Shanghai (1849-1925)
Cortegiane, classe dirigente e spazzio urbano a Shanghai, 1849-1919
Le nouveau journalisme politique chinois, 1895-1911
Pour ne pas conclure
La Fermeture: The Abolition of Prostitution in Shanghai, 1949-1958
Cities and Urban Society in China in the Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries: A review essay in Western Literature
From a Throne of Glory to a Seat of Ignominy: Shanghai Prostitution Revisited, 1849-1949
Courtship, sex and money. The economics of courtesan houses in 19th and 20thcentury Shanghai
上海的‘小東京’: 一個對外隔絕的社會 (1875-1945 年)
Little Japan in Shanghai: An insulated community, 1875-1945
Rice, Power and People: The Politics of Food Supply in Wartime Shanghai (1937- 1945)
“權力與道德: 1920-1925 年上海的廢娼運動”
Urbanisation et métropolisation en Chine. Le cas de Shanghai
Les divisions de la ville à Shanghai (19e-20e siècles)
Prostitution et Vox literati à Shanghai avant la Première guerre mondiale
公共衛生政策殖民主義放任政策的對立 – 上海租界的性病與賣淫
Public health policy vs colonial laissez-faire: STDs and prostitution in republican Shanghai
Shanghai industries under Japanese occupation: Bombs, Boom and Bust (1937- 1945)
Shanghai and the experience of war: The fate of refugees
Un veneno para el pueblo. Reflexiones sobre la sostenibilidad y la estrategia de desarrollo en Shanghai
From Textual to Historical Networks: Reconstructing Social Relations in the Biographical Dictionary of Republican China
The Battle of Shanghai (January-March 1932)
Paris in the Orient: a spatial micro-history of the French in Shanghai (1942)
When the dead go marching in”. Cemetery relocation and grave migration in modern Shanghai
Shanghai industries in the Civil War (1945-1947)
Représenter Shanghai dans le temps
August 1937: War and the death en masse of civilians
The Great Spoliation. The socialist transformation of industry in 1950s China
The socialist transformation of funeral companies in Shanghai (1949–57)
1949 年以前中國的醫學: 性病與賣淫
Paving the way
Beyond Glory: Modern warfare, medical assistance and casualties in the 1932 Shanghai Battle
Slums, squats or hutments? Constructing and deconstructing an in-between space in modern Shanghai (1926-1965)
The impact of war on Shanghai’s industrial structure: A GIS-based analysis of the Shanghai industrial surveys (1935-1940)
Regeneration and Mobility: The Spatial Dynamics of Industries in Wartime Shanghai
Supplying Female Bodies: Labor Migration, Sex Work, and the Commoditization of Women in Colonial Indochina and Contemporary Vietnam
Street Culture, Visual Fragments, and Everyday Life. Narrating Peddlers in Shanghai Modern
China Visualised: What Stories Do Pictures Tell ?
Scythe and Sojourning in Wartime Shanghai
Shanghai gongmu yanjiu, 1844—1949 (A study of Shanghai cemeteries)
戰中戰後の上海に おける死の問題と居留民 (Scythe and Sojourning in Wartime and Postwar Shanghai)
Invisible Deaths, Silent Deaths’. ‘Bodies Without Masters’ in Republican Shanghai
The Colonial Space of Death in Shanghai (1844-1949)
The Shanghai Bund in myth and history: An Essay through Textual and Visual Sources
A Neighborhood under the Storm: Zhabei and Shanghai Wars
City Words, City of Words
Wartime Shanghai Refugees: Chaos, Exclusion, and Indignity: Do Images Make up for the Absence of Memory?
Introduction: Pictures and Public Space in Modern China