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“China Visualised: What Stories Do Pictures Tell ?”

How does China project its image in the world? Why and how has the world come to form certain impressions of the Chinese and their way of life? These are issues that preoccupy Chinese citizens in the globalizing 21st century as they travel overseas, riding on the capacity of the country’s newly acquired economic power. In Visualizing China, the authors join forces to launch a broader inquiry aimed at a synergistic understanding of the larger story of visuality in modern China. The essays cluster around several nodal points including photographs, advertising, posters and movies, spanning from the 1840s to the 1960s, and devote special attention to modern Chinese practices in the visualization of things Chinese.

In Visualising China, 1845-1965. Moving and still images in historical narratives (ed. by Christian Henriot & Yeh Wen-hsin), Leiden, Brill Publishers, 2013, pp. vii-xxv.