ERC Elites China Job Openings

The ENEP-CHINA project proposes a step-change in the study of modern China reliant upon scalable data-rich history.

Call for Applications

1. Data scientist: CALL FOR APPLICATIONS REMAINS OPEN — Description: DataScientist_ERC

2. Ph.D positions: (CLOSED FOR 2018Doctoral_ERC

3. Postdoc position in computing: (CLOSED)

4. Postdoc research position (NLP): (CLOSED)

The project ENEP-CHINA proposes a step-change in the study of modern China reliant upon scalable data-rich history. It will deliver precise historical information at an unprecedented scale from heretofore untapped sources – as well as reshaping the analysis of existing sources – to create a new dimension in the study of the transformation of elites in modern China. It will deploy an array of cutting-edge digital methods — including data mining, sampling, and analysis within an integrated virtual research environment. To establish the validity of this approach, the project focuses on the three urban areas (Shanghai, Beijing/Tianjin, Canton/Hong Kong) that had the most profound impact on the course of modern Chinese history. The key issue that the project will address is breaking through existing limits of access to historical information that is embedded in complex sources and its transformation into refined, re-usable and sustainable data for contemporary and future study of modern China. This project borrows substantially from the concepts and methods, especially quantitative methods and network analysis from sociology and political science. For the analysis of textual corpora, it draws on the procedures and applications developed in linguistics and literary studies to explore large corpora of unstructured texts. Finally, it implements the most advanced tools and methods designed in computing, especially data mining and machine learning.


This project has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreement No 788476).