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Shanghai Guji chubanshe 上海古籍出版社
"Selected Works in the Shanghai History Research Series" features classic research on modern and contemporary Shanghai history by top scholars from overseas. It combines readability with academic rigor and has been translated by domestic experts. Overseas scholars, with unique perspectives, materials, and insights, offer interpretations of Shanghai's history that differ from previous studies. The content covers a wide range of topics including Shanghai governors, police, prostitutes, industrialists, overseas Chinese, hometown associations, fire brigades, and people from northern Jiangsu. This is a research monograph on the history of Chinese prostitutes and sexology. The author demonstrates exceptional theoretical courage and solid scholarly knowledge, extensively collecting Chinese and Western newspapers, archival materials, and writings. They comprehensively and systematically explore the phenomenon of prostitution and the lives of prostitutes in modern Shanghai. Starting with an analysis of the activity space and living conditions of high-class prostitutes, they delve deeply into the prostitution market, venues, and the resulting sexual economy of old Shanghai. The book vividly portrays the glamorous yet tragic lives of the prostitutes and the various illicit activities behind the scenes of this world of extravagance, portraying the dark side of this flashy and indulgent lifestyle. Lastly, the book provides a detailed analysis and exposition of the failures of past Shanghai governments in regulating prostitution and the efforts of contemporary grassroots organizations in assisting prostitutes.